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Precision variablespray control system
The precise variable spray control system can automatically adjust the spray rate in real time according to the speed of the vehicle, the spray width and the target spray volume. When the speed is fast, the spray amount is increased. When the speed is slow, the spray amount is reduced to ensure uniform application per unit area. Consistent. It can effectively prevent the excessive pesticides from affecting the growth of crops or the insufficient dose to achieve the control effect.

Detail Introduction

1) Italy imported spray control valve group and flow meter, with high control precision and fast response;

2) Real-time monitoring and alarming of flow, pressure, liquid level, speed and other information;

3) Stable performance, high spray accuracy and simple operation;

4) Configure the data return module to upload the spray data to the spray platform.


1) Achieve accurate and appropriate amount of spraying, which can effectively avoid the excessive effect of pesticides on crop growth or insufficient drug dosage;

2) Greatly increase the spraying speed, improve work efficiency and equipment utilization;

3) Saving pesticides and increasing crop yield and quality;

4) The light target function can guide the user to drive according to the predetermined route, reduce the burden on the driver and reduce the difficulty of night work.

System composition and characteristics:
System 433F 575F 805F
working interface
Main composition Display + Switch Box + Control Valve Set + Flow Meter + Pressure Gauge + GNSS Receiver

4.3-inch display, can control 3-way sub-valve;

The display can be used with other IGS products;

The system that does not purchase the rotor valve is 430F.

5.7-inch display, which can control 5-way valve;

It has a light target function to display the vehicle's offset heading distance in real time.

8-inch touch display for 5-way valve control;

It has a light target function to guide the vehicle;

The map displays the working position of the vehicle in real time;

The work area can be marked.

Component introduction:
  • switch box

  • WOLF Flow meter

  • GNSS Receiver

  • Manometer/Level Gauge

  • Control valve group

  • Data return mode

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